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With over 35 years of compounding experience Salflex Polymers offers toll compounding for customers seeking additional capacity support. Salflex is able to support our customer’s requirements with a variety of proprietary compounding processes designed to work with each customer’s unique products. The extruders are capable of producing anywhere from 40 lbs/hour to 4,000 lbs/hour with capabilities to produce glass fibre reinforced thermoplastics as well as mineral filled thermoplastics. We also offer capabilities to produce TPV, TPE, and other specialty Thermoplastic compounds. Salflex’s team is able to provide additional support to our customers from designing equipment to meet customer specifications for each compound to in-process monitoring with a state of the art ISO 17025 certified support lab to unique packaging requirements. A pilot lab facility exists to help customers develop new compounds, identify any limitations in their materials and to provide smooth transition to large scale production. We offer 24 hour manufacturing services and with our large 60,000 square foot facility most customer specific requirements can be met.