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Environment / Health & Safety

Salflex Health & Safety Policy

Salflex Polymers is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment, and ensuring that everyone is aware of the hazards that may exist in their workplace. Management is fully committed to the prevention of occupational illness and injury by adopting this policy at all times / levels.

Environmental Policy

SALFLEX Polymers, as an automotive supplier of plastic materials is committed to conducting operations in a manner that is environmentally responsible, and befitting of a good corporate neighbor and citizen.
We are committed to protecting human health, natural resources and the global environment through pollution prevention.
We strive continually toward this goal by the following ways and means:

  • We have established, documented and maintain procedures for our Environmental Management System.
  • We will operate in compliance with the environmental laws and regulations of City of Toronto and the Province of Ontario, as well as any other requirements applicable.
  • We periodically reassess and revisit the impact of the environmental aspects of our activities to ensure they have minimal or no effect on the environment.
  • We identify objectives and targets for continual improvement; prioritize and implement action plans; monitor and measure our progress; and review periodically our goals and actions.
  • We always seek to prevent accidents having significant impacts on the environment.
  • We, as employees of SALFLEX Polymers / ABC Group of companies are responsible for upholding the spirit of our environmental objectives and principles while carrying out our daily functions.