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OEM Approved Products

The proven performance and processability of Salflex Polymers plastic compounds, is demonstrated though many recognitions and approvals within the automotive industry.

Chrysler LogoChrysler

Approvals Compounds* Description
MS-AR – 100CGN S375A Thermoplastic Vulcanizate
MS-AR – 100DGN S380A Thermoplastic Vulcanizate
MS-AR – 100EGN S387A Thermoplastic Vulcanizate
MS-AR – 100FGN S340D Thermoplastic Vulcanizate
MS-DB456 – CPN3429 S255 Thermoplastic Polyolefin
MS-DB456 – CPN3994 S387A Thermoplastic Vulcanizate
MS-DB456 – CPN4127 S145 Thermoplastic Polyolefin
MS-DB485 – CPN4995 S525T 25% Talc – Reinforced HDPE
MS-DB500 – CPN3277 S620TIC 20% Talc – Reinforced PP
MS-DB500 – CPN4493 S620TC 20% Talc – Reinforced COPP
MS-DB500 – CPN4520 S623TM4 25% Talc – Reinforced COPP
MS-DB500 – CPN4610 S610MW- RXF 10% Mineral – TPO
MS-DB500 – CPN4612 S262EIW Thermoplastic Polyolefin
MS-DB500 – CPN4613 S620TCW- RXF 20% Talc – Reinforced COPP
MS-DB500 – CPN4693 S635MGI PP (M20 + GF15) -Injection
MS-DB500 – CPN4699 S830SI 30% Glass-Reinforced PP
MS-DB500 – CPN4790 S815CW- RXF 15% Glass-Reinforced COPP
MS-DB500 – CPN4791 S815CW- XXX 15% Glass-Reinforced COPP
MS-DB500 – CPN4996 S830WI-XXX 30% Glass-Reinforced PP
MS-DB500 – CPN5025 S620-EX5 20% Mineral TPO
MS-DC256 – CPN3338 S622MIW 20% Mineral – TPO
MS-DC256 – CPN3413 S6000MRW TPO
MS-DC256 – CPN4073 S622MIW 20% Mineral – TPO
MS-DC256 – CPN4100 S6000MRW-RXF TPO
MS-DC256 – CPN5005 S622MIW-RXF 20% Mineral – TPO
MS-DC265 – CPN4687 S245 Black Thermoplastic Polyolefin
ASTM D4000 S625PC 25% Mica -Reinforced COPP

Ford LogoFord

Approvals Compounds* Description
WSD-M2D380-A1 S375A Thermoplastic Vulcanizate
WSD-M2D380-A1 S375A- JA6A Thermoplastic Vulcanizate
ASTM D 4000 S375AHW- ZHEA Thermoplastic Vulcanizate
WSD-M2D381-A1 S380A Thermoplastic Vulcanizate
WSD-M2D382-A1 S387A Thermoplastic Vulcanizate
ASTM D 4000 S525T 25% Talc-Reinforced HDPE
ASTM D 4000 S610TIC 10% Talc-Reinforced PP
ASTM D 4000 S613TIC 13% Talc-Reinforced PP
ASTM D 4000 S620LIW 20% Talc-Reinforced PP
WSS-M4D996-A1 S620TC 20% Talc-Reinforced PP
WSS-M4D996-A1 S620TC- YZ9A 20% Talc-Reinforced PP
ASTM D 4000 S620TIC 20% Talc-Reinforced PP
ASTM D 4000 S620TIS 20% Talc-Reinforced PP
ASTM D 4000 S625PC 25% Mica-Reinforced PP
ASTM D 4000 S625TIM 25% Talc-Reinforced PP
ASTM D 4000 S805C 5% Glass-Reinforced PP
ASTM D 4000 S805C- JA6A 5% Glass-Reinforced PP
ASTM D 4000 S810C-2 10% Glass-Reinforced PP
WSS-M4D994-A S815C 15% Glass-Reinforced PP
WSS-M4D994-A S815C- YGYA 15% Glass-Reinforced PP
WSS-M4D994-A S815C- YZ9A 15% Glass-Reinforced PP
ASTM D 4000 S920 20% Mica-Reinforced HDPE
WSS-M4D931-A1 S925 25% Mica-Reinforced HDPE
WSS-M4D931-A1 S925X 25% Mica-Reinforced HDPE


Approvals Compounds* Description
GMP.E/P.003 S375A Thermoplastic Vulcanizate
GMP.E/P.004 S380A Thermoplastic Vulcanizate
GMP.E/P.005 S387A Thermoplastic Vulcanizate
GMP.E/P.006 S340D Thermoplastic Vulcanizate
GMP.PP.032 S635MGI PP (M20 + GF15) -Injection
GMP.PP.045 S620TIC 20% Talc-Reinforced COPP
GMP.PP.057 S640MGI PP (M20 + GF20) -Injection
GMP.PP.106 S620TC 20% Talc-Reinforced COPP
GMW15548 T1A S615TIC 15% Talc-Reinforced COPP
GMW15702-15 S810C-2 10% Glass-Reinforced COPP
GMW15702-15 S635GC PP (M20 + GF15) COPP – Blow
GMW15813 S364A Thermoplastic Vulcanizate
GMW16196 S815C 15% Glass-Reinforced COPP
GMW16196 S820C 20% Glass-Reinforced COPP
GMW16606 S635MGI PP (M20 + GF15) -Injection
GMW16606 S640MGI PP (M20 + GF20) -Injection
GMW16606 S641MGI PP (M15 + GF25) -Injection
GMW16607 S820I 20% Glass-Reinforced PP

Honda LogoHonda

Approvals Compounds* Description
S620TC- NH-167L Thermoplastic Polyolefin
S620TC- NH-557L Thermoplastic Polyolefin
S820I 20% Glass-reinforced COPP

Nissan LogoNissan

Approvals Compounds* Description
S262EIW Thermoplastic Polyolefin
S380A Thermoplastic Polyolefin
S387A Thermoplastic Polyolefin
S510T 10% Talc-Reinforced HDPE
S520TM 20% Talc-Reinforced HDPE
ASTM D4000 S610TIC 10% Talc-Reinforced COPP
S620TIS 20% Talc-Reinforced PP
S815CW- G05 15% Glass-reinforced COPP

Subaru LogoSubaru

Approvals Compounds* Description
S600MIW Thermoplastic Polyolefin
S600MIW- 893 Thermoplastic Polyolefin
S610TIC 10% Talc-Reinforced COPP
S610TIMW- JC 10% Talc-Reinforced COPP
S610TIMW- WA 10% Talc-Reinforced COPP
S620TIC 20% Talc-Reinforced COPP
S815CIW 15% Glass-reinforced COPP
S830CI 30% Glass-reinforced COPP

Toyota LogoToyota

Approvals Compounds* Description
S620TC- 134B Pre-colored blow mold COPP
S620TC- 447B Pre-colored blow mold COPP
TSM 5601-8G S635GC Pre-colored blow mold COPP

Mazda LogoMazda

Approvals Compounds* Description
S6005CI-35 Non-Filled COPP
S6005RI-60 Non-Filled COPP

* A suffix code indicates a pre-colored rather than a generic black or natural compound.